Claude Needham Resume

Nevada City, CA, 95959


  • Win32 platform application development in C++.O
  • User interface design and development in Java Swing. Experience with custom component and Pluggable Look & Feel design.
  • Game design using a variety of 3D design tools. Proficient in Adobe Photoshop. Have created a game texture library of over 12,000 graphics.
  • Audio design. Have created an extensive game effects library.
  • Model maker. Have created variety of static and animated models for game inclusion.
  • Web site design & development: CSS, Perl, Apache, Flash, HTML, XML, Wnki. Database development using MySQL and Perl DBI.
  • System administration, technical support and administrator for a server base of over 400 websites.
  • Insurance Software Design, including IBAS & Flex (AB125) systems.
  • Development tools include IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, Borland C Builder, Ant, Perforce, CVS, Perl, Flash, Actionscript, Flex.

Professional Experience

Redwood Systems, CA

  • Designer, Software Engineer 2009
  • Developed a set of components for use in Flex applications used to control interface with their cutting edge lighting systems.

Agito, CA

  • Designer, Software Engineer 2005-2006
  • Developed Flex components and co-designed UI for administrative software used to manage mobilizing enterprise voice and UC applications across cellular, VoIP over WLAN and VoIP


    Designer, Software Engineer 2005-2006

  • Worked with a team in the design and implementation of Java PLAF. This project required graphic design, implementation in the Java PLAF classes, and development of widgets. In addition wrote a wizard system for use within the CUES environment.
  • A related project was the creation of a Flash based tutorial/installation guide.

G.O.D.D. Gaming Company, Grass Valley, CA

    Designer, Software Engineer 1986-present

  • Created Swing front end for Primordial, a next generation multimedia education gaming project, including development of custom Swing components, renderers, and pluggable look and feel UI classes. Primordial incorporates elements from player point of view immersive environments with audio/video streaming. Allows gaming master to change game design in realtime.
  • Worked intimately with design team to conceptualize and program a suite of desktop and web-based games, such as: Quzzles, Apperception, Attentiasizer, Pre-Cog, Touch-A-Rock, DejaMaze, OmMaNiPadMeHum, Safari, Zenn, Paparazzi, Mama, ArtDom, and gMaze.
  • Extensive experience in game design and engineering, including texture design, sprite animation, 3D modeling, level design, and sound effects creation.

Computer Rescue Squad, Nevada City, CA

  • Trainer & Support Engineer 1981-1986
  • Designed and implemented training and support for wide variety of software and hardware systems – including contract service as outsource IT support. Provided an extensive background in customer support and problem solving.

Xxaxxsoft, Penn Valley, CA

  • Software Engineer 1986-present
  • Windows utility and application design from the inception to completion. Executed in C++ using Borland Builder. Examples include: cdcat, Co-edit, Metamorph, ecatalog, NoteCard, Side by Side, Kapr, ShoeHorn, Webcluster, and Xap.

GalaxyWebsiteDesign, Penn Valley, CA

  • Webmaster, Designer, IT, Training 1994-present
  • Participated in the creation and maintenance of over 600 websites. One of the inventors of Cluster Marketing. Specialized in enabling clients to assume development role for their own websites. Founding webmaster of the now famous website.

Miscellaneous Consulting

Round Table, Davis, CA

  • Wrote payroll package for corporate office. Handled payroll for all Sacramento franchise locations. Reverse engineered federal and state tax tables (FICA, SUTA, etc.) to permit customer maintenance of schedules.

Heidelberg Editions International, Nevada City, CA

  • Wrote directed web spider application to extract auction data from eBay on a daily basis and monitor auctions for specific in-house sellers. Featured multiple parser architecture to handle eBay’s intentional web page format changes. Written in Perl and OpenSockets.

Anderson/Bunbury Insurance, Sacramento, CA

  • Worked with IBAS (General Agency commission & override tracking system), and Flex (AB125 Flexible compensation management system)
  • Using Borland C++, created application to refactor employer data for in excess of 200 employers, format & upload for direct access by employees on the web.
  • Using C++ and Perl, created EMEM integration with Flex4 system.

Placer Savings, Auburn, CA

  • Created a suite of babblefish-like data conversion routines to connect corporate mainframes and branch systems.
  • This service typically processed in excess of one hundred million dollars of commercial loans a day.

Cenco, Sacramento, CA

  • Wrote IBAS (General Agency commission & override tracking system). Complete general agency management system with tie-ins for incorporating multitude of agents. Supported life, group health, commissions & overrides.

Museum of Ancient & Modern Art, Nevada City, CA

  • Created HTML & Flash based multimedia content related to the museum's collection and community programs. Trained docents, gave public lectures. Currently involved in large project to implement Java based render-just-in-time viewing system.

United States Army, Sacramento, CA

  • Wrote switchboard database package for signal depot.

Smithers Telephone Answering Services, Fair Oaks, CA

  • Automated data capture from centrex services for billing, tracking, and scheduling using 80x86 assembly, C and Clipper.

Bank of India, India

  • Wrote graphic compression routine in C, used in the manufacture and distribution of identity cards.

Swenderer, CA

  • Wrote database driven dynamic html pages for the display of geneological data. Incorporates standard gedcom file formats and template driven display.

Cisco, San Jose

  • Writing Java PL&F (Pluggable Look & Feel). Development of custom application component classes.


  • PhD in Molecular Biophysics, Florida State University, 1980
  • Dissertation devoted to quantum mechanical computer simulation of Non-Linear Optical Effects in Multi-Level Systems.
  • BS in Chemistry, Sonoma State University, 1975
  • Personal Interests

    • Extensive background in printmaking, with a particular love for monoprints and linoleum blocks.
    • Wood and stone sculpture in lineage of Brancusi, Arp, Noguchi and Hepworth. Assemblage a la Dada and Surrealist movements. Bronze casting alikened to Bragg.
    • Vibrant silversmithing business.
    • Painting in German Expressionist vein.
    • Book author. Titles including science fiction, games and gaming.