"In Tibetan Buddism the Dorje (called Vajra by the Hindus) is used by Tibetan Gods to make lightning and is often called the thunderbolt mandala."
-- What is a dorje, and what does it mean?

"dorje embodies not only the brilliance of refracted or reflected illumination, but it also symbolizes the impervious and fixed solidity of the point of power around which all else turns - the axis mundi or hub of the world."

To many the dorje might be a symbol.

But to some the dorje is a tool -- a functional devices with specific properties and utility.

To these lightning handlers a dorje is a plasma device used to manipulate electrical plasma.

An electical plasma is a fluid of postive ane negative particles. This electrical fluid can be shaped and fashioned to perform many different tasks. Sometimes for healing, sometimes for prayer, sometimes for purposes which have no human equivalent. The plasma can be collected and redirected, or it might be dispersed in a shower.

These dorje are made from wood. I've used Ebony, Purple Heart, Rosewood, Zebra Wood, Olive and Lignum Vitae. I prefer by far olive and lignum vitae. Both are delightful woods to work with and have excellent plasma handling properties. You will also find a few ebony dorje in these pages. Ebony is a hellish wood to work with since its dust is toxic, but it makes for an unusual and excellent dorje. Hence I'll make two or three a year. That's about all the body can handle.